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Personal Injury

We represent people who have suffered personal injuries due to motor vehicle collisions, assault, slip/trip and fall and other negligence.


CollisionA person involved in a motor vehicle collision may be eligible for both accident benefits and tort compensation. In Ontario, all insurance policies must entitle the beneficiaries for certain basic accident benefits. Optional benefits may, however, be purchased by the insured. Accident benefits are available to anyone injured in a motor vehicle collision regardless of whose fault the accident was. The provisions of Bill 198 state the minimum accident benefits available for anyone injured in a motor vehicle collision in Ontario.

  1. Accident Benefits

    In Ontario, Bill 198 defines the accident benefits available to insured persons. The benefits available include income replacement benefit, non-earner benefit, housekeeping & home maintenance benefit, caregiver benefits, attendant care benefits, compensation for medical & rehabilitation benefits, lost education costs, visitor expenses and death & funeral costs. There are important deadlines for filing various documents with your insurance company and if you do not adhere to these deadlines, you may not be eligible for benefits. To receive more information about accident benefits via e-mail and/or for a free consultation, please contact our office today.

  2. Tort Compensation

    An injured person can recover damages that will compensate him or her for economic losses, loss of earning capacity, pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and for the loss of a family member’s care, guidance, and companionship. A person can also recover damages for health care expenses if he or she has suffered a permanent serious disfigurement, or a permanent serious impairment of an important physical, mental or psychological function.

    There are some important restrictions upon the right to sue and revised deadlines that have recently been legislated which will affect your right to take action. For further information via e-mail or a free consultation, please contact our office today.


Victims of both physical and sexual assault suffer physically, mentally and economically as a result of the assault. Often they may need years of physical and psychological treatment. We represent clients who bring civil claims against those responsible. We understand the emotional need of clients who have been victims of assault and we provide effective legal representation in a compassionate manner. For more information via e-mail or for a free consultation, please contact our office today.


  1. Slip/Trip and Fall: A main component of our legal practice is representing clients who were involved in slip/trip and fall incidents caused as a result of homeowner/occupier, corporate or municipal negligence.

    Trip and fall accidents are also frequent cause of injuries. They are often caused by negligently placed objects or poor workmanship that does not comply with building code specifications.

    If the negligence is caused as a result of homeowner/occupier or corporate liability, there is generally coverage available under a private policy of insurance. If the incident occurred on municipal property, notice must be given within a very short period and therefore it is imperative that you contact a knowledgeable lawyer immediately. We will prepare the appropriate notice letter, ensure that it is delivered on time and help you secure the best compensation possible.

  2. Other Negligence: “Negligence” is the basis for any tort claim including slip/trip & fall. Many different situations give rise to a right to sue including an owner’s failure to supervise a dog that bites another person, manufacturer’s failure to ensure the safety of a product for consumer use or a doctor failing to ensure that the patient under his/her care receives appropriate treatment. Because of our vast experience in civil litigation we can review the facts of your case and advise you on whether the conduct your injuries were caused by the negligence of the other and if so we can ensure that you are compensated for those injuries.

Abby Vimal Personal Injury Real Estate Wills & Estates Family Law Assaults Reported Decisions About Abby Disclaimer

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